Sunday, May 12, 2013


For my liberal friends:

So, President Nixon had his cronies bug some meetings of his political opponents.  He then covered it up. He was threatened with impeachment, took responsibility for the actions of his underlings, and resigned. I am fine with that.

If President Nixon had instead refused to send the military to rescue an embassy staff that was under attack from our sworn enemies, and the staff died, and his administration organized the sanitization of talking points to avoid blaming our sworn enemies, and then tried to cover it up, and got caught, I believe that again, he would be threatened with impeachment, would take responsibility for the actions of his underlings, and would resign.  I would be fine with that too.

If President Nixon had also, at the same time, sent the IRS to AUDIT his political enemies, instead of just spying on them, and he had joked about it several years ago, and the IRS was forced to apologize, again, he would have resigned.  Again, I would be fine with that.

So, for my liberal friends... Will Obama be man enough to resign for his crimes?

Will you be fine with that?

Or are you just a partisan hack?