Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gun control should be about your grip and your trigger technique

So the Senate Democrats wanted to do some new gun laws in the wake of Orlando, despite admitting that none of their new laws would have stopped Orlando.  The Democrats wanted new restrictions on law-abiding citizens so that they could feel like they'd done something.

And we aren't doing that in America right now.  The Senate failed to pass any of the bills.  Even the Republican-sponsored bill was shot down by the Democrats because it included due process protections.

The Democrats support due process for violent criminals.  They just don't want anyone who honors the Second amendment to be protected by the Fourth amendment.

I do think we need new gun legislation though.  We need to ban gun-free zones and waiting periods at the Federal level. Any state, city, town or establishment that disarms its citizen patrons, and then watches them get slaughtered, must be held civilly liable and criminally liable.  If a waiting period gets someone killed, whoever established that waiting period is guilty as an accessory, and liable for wrongful death.

Then, and only then, will we be solving the problem.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exploring the liberal mind

The workings of the modern liberal mind never cease to amaze me.

When a militant Islamist uses a scary looking rifle to slaughter innocent people, the modern liberal wants to ban an entirely different, hugely popular, also-scary-looking rifle.

The modern liberal never responds to a tragedy like this by saying, "Why didn't somebody just shoot him sooner?". Instead of admitting that the "common-sense gun laws" at the club only apply to the victims, the modern liberal calls for more laws - laws that make people less safe, but make the liberal FEEL BETTER.

When the perpetrator is from a reliable leftist client community, the perpetrator cannot be blamed.  The modern liberal can blame literally anyone else for the slaughter of innocent partiers.  Blame the gun. Blame the gun manufacturers. Blame the other white people who own the guns. Blame Republicans. Blame the second amendment. Blame the cops for probably accidentally shooting some of the victims themselves.  Blame the cops for not going in soon enough.

The modern liberal, however, has been placed in a corner by the horrific massacre in Orlando.  The modern liberal must decide: are all cultures equal?  

Will the modern liberal give militant Islam a pass on murdering homosexuals... because diversity?  

Will the modern liberal hate armed gays now, as he hates armed Americans in flyover country... because peace?

Over the next few weeks, you will see countless modern liberal minds coming up with creative ways to avoid these questions.  Instead, you will see liberals trying to empower our government to ban more things, while making more things mandatory... And these things will require your tax dollars, and a continued expansion of the bureaucracy that enforces these things.  And not one of them will work.  Not one of them would have stopped this shooting.  Not one of them will stop the next one.

But to a modern liberal, their work is done. They expressed outrage, they increased the power of the government, they didn't let any annoying facts get in their way...

...and by golly, they FEEL BETTER.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's time to get serious about keeping each other safe

The shootings in Orlando have proven several things beyond any reasonable doubt...

When evil attacks, the SWAT team will enter when they're ready.  In Orlando, this would be about 3 hours.

When the evil person is the only one with a gun in a locked building for 3 hours, he will kill and maim many, many people.

If every patron in Pulse had been armed, the events at Pulse wouldn't even be on the news anymore.  Suppose half of them were armed. A quarter of them. 10 percent.  The psycho would have been dropped, in his tracks, before he could accomplish any of his evil, murderous goals.

People who cannot be trusted with their own safety, or that of others, offer childlike suggestions like more laws about guns, or banning guns.  This is like banning fire extinguishers during an arson spree because they are noisy and can damage stuff.  

So if you're thinking that 'banning the AR-15' or 'common-sense gun laws' are the answer, it's probably just because you can't imagine yourself standing up against evil with violence.  That's okay. You need to recognize your limitations.

But you also need to stop thinking that the rest of us are as incapable.  Stay at the center of the herd with your head down, if you must.

But don't interfere with the rest of us.  We can, and will, stop evil in its tracks.  All you need to do is keep your head down and say thanks.

The adults are here.  We are heavily armed.