Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free Healthcare for Everyone

So, for the people who voted for Obama so that they could get free healthcare, I was wondering how you like your new government provided plan. Is it everything you'd hoped for? Is everything covered that you expect to be covered? Does your doctor like working with your new insurance? Is everything cheaper now?

If, on the other hand, you didn't get free healthcare, it might not be a mistake - you might be too rich to get it.  If you don't have insurance, but you have to pay a big penalty next year, that's also probably not a mistake - you're just probably rich enough to pay for other people's health insurance even though you don't need any. If your boss raised your insurance premiums, it's not his fault - it's just that because he pays you such a huge amount, the government knows that you can pay for a lot of this yourself, and we might have leftover money for people who aren't as rich as you.

That's how it works!  Congratulations on your new-found wealth.  I bet that before today you didn't even realize how well-to-do you really were.  Never take it for granted again.

I might have observed that gas prices are higher!

I seem to remember that when gas prices rose during the Bush administration, the liberal media traced the cause to a series of secret meetings between Dick Cheney and oil company CEOs. So, what is the cause of the recent increase in gas prices under the Obama administration? Is the Obama administration allowing these secret meetings to continue? If so, where is the outrage? Maybe Joe Biden is having secret meetings - I think we all agree that if this is the case, they should stop immediately.

I think that liberals who are forced to pay higher gas prices should do what they did when Obama fell down on his promise about closing Guantanamo - they withheld their votes until he closed it like he said he would.  They should do the same thing here - vote Republican until Obama lowers these gas prices.

After all, he's rich - plus he has somebody to fill up his limos and jets with a credit card that is paid for by the taxpayers. So, he might not even KNOW that gas prices are high - a lot of rich people don't notice that sort of thing. He's too busy fulfilling his campaign promises, like closing Guantanamo.

Friday, February 22, 2013

To the Republicans who stayed home last November

The election of 2012 was a rare occurrence - President Obama was the first President since George Washington to be re-elected with fewer votes than he got the first time around. This happened in spite of the admission by at least one Obama supporter that she voted for Obama 6 times last year in Ohio.

So, if you are a Republican, and you did not vote for Romney because he wasn't aligned with you on your favorite issue... How's Obama doing on your favorite issue? Do us all a favor... Remember this the next time around. They vote up to 6 times for their guy. We need to at least show up and vote once.

You see, the thing about a Republican president is, no matter what his position on the issues, he kinda has to listen to the other Republicans (like you) to stay in power. And politicians want to stay in power. Do you feel like Obama is listening to your position on your pet issue? Probably not. He doesn't need you.

And you're part of the reason he's President again - whether Romney's too rich for you, too white for you, too male for you, too religious for you,  or just from Massachusetts - By staying home, you turned Melowese Richardson's 6 votes for Obama into 7.


Liberals and the commitment to equality

I couldn't help but notice that when President Obama jetted off to a pricey golf resort for his vacation, the press complained. They complained about not being allowed to take pictures of the $1,000 per hour golf lessons, or the round with Tiger Woods.

They did not complain about the 'inequality' - you'll notice that people from the President's old neighborhood in Chicago don't play with Tiger Woods much.

So, we can now see that liberals only oppose 'inequality' when their political opponents have the advantage. This is an important observation, because that's how it's done in places like Cuba and North Korea. The SUBJECTS are equal. The leaders play golf with celebrities. They pay for their $1,000 per hour golf lessons with money siphoned from the subjects.

To be clear - this is not where America is headed. This is where America currently IS.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A simple solution to gun control.

So that our liberal friends don't get confused, maybe we need a Constitutional Amendment that says that the right to have and carry weapons can't be interfered with. I guess I'm not picky about the exact wording. Just a thought.