Sunday, February 24, 2013

I might have observed that gas prices are higher!

I seem to remember that when gas prices rose during the Bush administration, the liberal media traced the cause to a series of secret meetings between Dick Cheney and oil company CEOs. So, what is the cause of the recent increase in gas prices under the Obama administration? Is the Obama administration allowing these secret meetings to continue? If so, where is the outrage? Maybe Joe Biden is having secret meetings - I think we all agree that if this is the case, they should stop immediately.

I think that liberals who are forced to pay higher gas prices should do what they did when Obama fell down on his promise about closing Guantanamo - they withheld their votes until he closed it like he said he would.  They should do the same thing here - vote Republican until Obama lowers these gas prices.

After all, he's rich - plus he has somebody to fill up his limos and jets with a credit card that is paid for by the taxpayers. So, he might not even KNOW that gas prices are high - a lot of rich people don't notice that sort of thing. He's too busy fulfilling his campaign promises, like closing Guantanamo.