Friday, February 22, 2013

Liberals and the commitment to equality

I couldn't help but notice that when President Obama jetted off to a pricey golf resort for his vacation, the press complained. They complained about not being allowed to take pictures of the $1,000 per hour golf lessons, or the round with Tiger Woods.

They did not complain about the 'inequality' - you'll notice that people from the President's old neighborhood in Chicago don't play with Tiger Woods much.

So, we can now see that liberals only oppose 'inequality' when their political opponents have the advantage. This is an important observation, because that's how it's done in places like Cuba and North Korea. The SUBJECTS are equal. The leaders play golf with celebrities. They pay for their $1,000 per hour golf lessons with money siphoned from the subjects.

To be clear - this is not where America is headed. This is where America currently IS.