Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free Healthcare for Everyone

So, for the people who voted for Obama so that they could get free healthcare, I was wondering how you like your new government provided plan. Is it everything you'd hoped for? Is everything covered that you expect to be covered? Does your doctor like working with your new insurance? Is everything cheaper now?

If, on the other hand, you didn't get free healthcare, it might not be a mistake - you might be too rich to get it.  If you don't have insurance, but you have to pay a big penalty next year, that's also probably not a mistake - you're just probably rich enough to pay for other people's health insurance even though you don't need any. If your boss raised your insurance premiums, it's not his fault - it's just that because he pays you such a huge amount, the government knows that you can pay for a lot of this yourself, and we might have leftover money for people who aren't as rich as you.

That's how it works!  Congratulations on your new-found wealth.  I bet that before today you didn't even realize how well-to-do you really were.  Never take it for granted again.