Friday, February 22, 2013

To the Republicans who stayed home last November

The election of 2012 was a rare occurrence - President Obama was the first President since George Washington to be re-elected with fewer votes than he got the first time around. This happened in spite of the admission by at least one Obama supporter that she voted for Obama 6 times last year in Ohio.

So, if you are a Republican, and you did not vote for Romney because he wasn't aligned with you on your favorite issue... How's Obama doing on your favorite issue? Do us all a favor... Remember this the next time around. They vote up to 6 times for their guy. We need to at least show up and vote once.

You see, the thing about a Republican president is, no matter what his position on the issues, he kinda has to listen to the other Republicans (like you) to stay in power. And politicians want to stay in power. Do you feel like Obama is listening to your position on your pet issue? Probably not. He doesn't need you.

And you're part of the reason he's President again - whether Romney's too rich for you, too white for you, too male for you, too religious for you,  or just from Massachusetts - By staying home, you turned Melowese Richardson's 6 votes for Obama into 7.