Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gun control should be about your grip and your trigger technique

So the Senate Democrats wanted to do some new gun laws in the wake of Orlando, despite admitting that none of their new laws would have stopped Orlando.  The Democrats wanted new restrictions on law-abiding citizens so that they could feel like they'd done something.

And we aren't doing that in America right now.  The Senate failed to pass any of the bills.  Even the Republican-sponsored bill was shot down by the Democrats because it included due process protections.

The Democrats support due process for violent criminals.  They just don't want anyone who honors the Second amendment to be protected by the Fourth amendment.

I do think we need new gun legislation though.  We need to ban gun-free zones and waiting periods at the Federal level. Any state, city, town or establishment that disarms its citizen patrons, and then watches them get slaughtered, must be held civilly liable and criminally liable.  If a waiting period gets someone killed, whoever established that waiting period is guilty as an accessory, and liable for wrongful death.

Then, and only then, will we be solving the problem.