Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elvira Arellano arrested in LA

This story is big news in the Chicago area. It seems that Elvira Arellano is an illegal Mexican immigrant who has been seeking (and receiving) sanctuary for over a year at her church in Chicago.

Earlier this week, she announced to the world, through the press, that she would be traveling to Los Angeles to take part in a demonstration.

Yesterday, the press reported that she had left her sanctuary at the church.

Earlier today, the press reported that she had arrived in Los Angeles.

And now, the press is reporting that about 4 PM Chicago time, Elvira Arellano was arrested in LA.

OK. This is the part where those who unconditionally support amnesty (the press) decry the evil cruelty of the oppressive government (she was ONLY trying to PEACEFULLY PROTEST!), those who fear Latino immigrants announce that this is more evidence that we should spend all of our resources as a country to expel every illegal immigrant immediately...

...and reasonable people with no agenda will observe that if you break the law, and you publicly announce that you are not subject to the law because you are hiding in a church, and then you tell the world you're leaving the church, and you tell the world where you're going, and then you go there...

...well, you'll probably be arrested.

What's really funny is that as the press explains the travesty of justice that has occurred, and the overreaching performed by the INS, it will never once occur to them that this was ALL THEIR FAULT.

You see, if they hadn't publicized her trip, she probably could have gone to LA, protested, and returned to Chicago without incident.

However, that's not what this is about.

This is about the press finding a sympathetic immigrant and throwing her under the bus in the name of making people AWARE.

And it sucks.