Friday, September 7, 2007

The "Unexpected" payroll decrease

The Dow is down about 200 points thus far, with the only major economic news that "unexpectedly", payroll survey jobs dropped by 4000, when the consensus was an increase of 110,000 jobs.

The consensus was wrong, because the consensus failed to consider the impact of the Democrat's plan to raise the minimum wage. Job loss wasn't "unexpected"; it was predictable, and practically guaranteed.

You see, folks, when you raise the minimum wage, employers do not simply take the hit in operating expense, apply it to their bottom line, make less money, and move on; instead, they lay people off, give additional responsibilities to those that they keep, and keep their payroll, in raw dollars, about the same.

So, if you were in a minimum wage job this year, and you got laid off in the past month instead of getting the raise that you heard about on Good Morning America... thank a Democrat.

Thank the Democrat by voting Republican next time. We knew this was going to happen, and we tried to warn you. But unfortunately, you get the government you elect. You elected Democrats. You lost your job. Don't let it happen again.