Saturday, June 30, 2007

Car bombs in London

A couple of things strike me about the failed car bombings outside of a nightclub in London.

The first is that the cop who noticed the car was wired to go off, jumped in, and disconnected the trigger device (a cell phone) should be given a medal, heaps of cash, and all the publicity he wants. This is a true hero, and we need more warriors like him fighting this war on our side.

The second is that another attempt to strike fear into the west has failed in a fit of gross incompetence by Al Qaeda. These guys are pathetic. So, for all you on-the-fence militant Islamists, let me break it down for you...

You're no good at killing us because Allah isn't helping you. This is because Allah doesn't want you to kill us.

Allah wants you to quit complaining about how oppressed you are, earn a living, educate your kids, stop beating up your women, and grow your economies.

Allah wants you to create products and services, sell them to the west, earn vast riches, feed your poor, and live in peace with Christians, Jews, and atheists. This is because Allah loves you, and is tired of seeing you blow yourselves up.

Your leaders are the ones who want you to hate us, and want you to try to kill us. This is because if you're focused on killing us, you won't pay attention to the fact that they are living fat, happy, and with no risk, and you are living in squalor for the chance to blow yourselves up. If you think about that long enough, it kinda makes you really angry, doesn't it?

If any moderate Islamic scholars would like to echo my comments, by all means, get on with it! It's LOOONG overdue.