Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fantasy Land

In my little Fantasy Land, you already heard that one of the charges against Tom Delay, the former house majority leader, has been dropped. (h/t NewsBusters)

However, you're probably reading it here first, because the major news outlets didn't tell you about it. Or maybe you caught it on another blog.

The mainstream press announced the charges during a midterm election cycle with great fanfare. They judged Delay corrupt, and applied it across the entire Republican landscape.

Now, the elections are over, and this little factoid just doesn't have the legs of the original attack material. So you can read it here, or over at NewsBusters, a gang who's even more incensed than I am at the media's efforts to indoctrinate liberalism and install Democrats. But ABC, CNN, NBC, and CBS have better things to do than admit they falsely convicted a guy right before your eyes, and that it directly affected an election.

In my little Fantasy Land, there are a multitude of ways that someone who seeks the truth can get all of the facts about anything they're interested in and make their own decision. More and more journalists avoid hiding behind their "professional objectivity", and you can see and hear where they are coming from.

...and my Fantasy Land is becoming a reality. The only question is whether the mainstream media will become an influential part of the New Media.

So far, they're not really even trying.