Monday, June 25, 2007

On The War

It's time for a Reality Check on the War in Iraq, and on the broader War on Terror in general.

For starters, you can count me among those who are disappointed that things aren't going better in Iraq. However, you may NOT count me among those who thought we'd be all done by now, and Baghdad would be like Palm Springs! Disappointment is, in my opinion, reasonable... but those of you who are trying to declare the whole thing a failure need a Reality Check...

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to rebuild a country. If you think that President Bush didn't prepare us for this, you weren't listening. He made it very clear time and time again that this was going to take time. Even when he was standing underneath the 'Mission Accomplished' banner on the aircraft carrier, he made it clear to whoever was listening that we were moving into another phase of the conflict that was every bit as dangerous and risky, and would take a long time... but you only got that if you were listening.

And if you're used to our fast-food society, a war that 'drags on' for five years or so is simply unbearable.

We can, and we will, win this.