Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Truth about Global Warming

It's time for a simple Reality Check on global warming, climate change and the environment in general. It works like this...

Fact: We have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA whether the Earth is getting warmer or cooler long-term. NONE. It's simple if you think about it. Ever been to an intersection with several banks? I've always wondered why we, as a society, decided that it was the bank's job to tell us the temperature on their sign outside, but for some reason, there it is. Have you EVER seen all three banks showing the same temperature?

Me either.

Now, what are the chances that in a given place, under the exact same circumstances, the thermometer that was used 300 years ago will EXACTLY MATCH the reading given by a scientific thermometer of today if the temperature was exactly the same? How can we credibly say it was half-a-degree cooler 500 years ago?

We can't.

I'm not saying that global warming, on a large scale, isn't happening. I'm saying we HAVE NO IDEA if it's happening.

FACT: We have NO IDEA what the global climate will be like in the future. How do I know this? Well, it's because we have NO IDEA what the REGIONAL weather will be like in two weeks! If you take a model that doesn't work on a small scale, and try to use it on an enormous scale, IT WILL BE WRONG, and every scientist knows it.

FACT: The heat here, on planet Earth, is caused by... wait for it... brace yourself...

THE SUN. Trust me, we can buy all the carbon credits we want, but if the Sun gets substantially warmer or cooler, WE. ARE. GONE.