Thursday, June 28, 2007

Young Americans

Another h/t to NewsBusters, where they've found some interesting poll results from the New York Times. Apparently 62% of the younger voting generation support a universal, government-sponsored health care plan.

Now, that's not surprising. When I was in college in the early 90's, one of the main reasons that I continued to press forward and get my degree was that I knew that I would need health care, and a "real job" with benefits would provide me that. However, I wasn't really that political at the time, and I never gave "universal" health care a second's thought. However, I wasn't getting the idea of just how deliciously GOOD "universal" health care was rammed down my throat by the totality of the press, either. In the environment that these kids are in, they are constantly told that it's unfair that they have to work hard and play their cards right to be covered.

Here's another reason that young voters are more supportive of "universal" health care than the general taxpaying population... remember when you breathlessly awaited your first real paycheck from your first REAL job? All the plans that you had for that astronomical amount of money? And you opened the envelope, and you said...

"Hey! Where the #*$& did all my money go?"

And you adjusted your hopes and dreams to more accurately take into account the amount of money that the government was taking from your paycheck, for the work that you did, before it was even in your hands.

Trust me... "universal" health care won't be as popular with the younger generation once they start paying their "fair" share of the taxes in this country.