Thursday, July 12, 2007

Al Qaeda Roundup

Thanks to PowerLine for analysis of the Zawahiri video message to the Muslims of Afghanistan. They are right, in my opinion, that the message shows weakness - in a number of ways.

They note that he's not calling for the overthrow of Musharraf, but instead calling them to Jihad in Afghanistan. I also can't help but ask, if Bin Laden is doing just great, why haven't we seen him? I think he's dead. Despite the western nattering about his martyrdom being a recruiting tool for the Islamists, I believe that when they finally admit that he's dead, it will be terribly demoralizing for the Jihadists.

There is one more important thing to be understood from this message. He's calling them to Afghanistan. Afghanistan! You wanna know why? Because unlike those of us in the West, THEY DON'T CARE WHEN THEY WIN. That puts them at a distinct advantage over those who want to pretend it's all over by the next election cycle so we can get to work on a new government healthcare program! They lost Afghanistan YEARS ago and THEY DON'T CARE because whether they win now, or in 1000 years, they believe they are destined to win. Think about that. Can you think of anyone in our government that understands that threat?

I can think of one guy - and his supporters are running for cover because THEY'RE up for reelection a year-and-a-half from now and HE'S not ending the war quickly enough.

No wonder the Jihadists think we're weak.