Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq has been captured

I've held off on posting about this because so often, the capture of high-value targets is rumored, and found not to be true. However, it seems that this time, we got the guy in Iraq that has been reportedly in communication with Al-Zawahiri regarding strategy. So, in summary:

We've tricked Al Qaeda into fighting us in Iraq, rather than in New York or DC. If this isn't one of the smartest things you've ever heard of, you've obviously forgotten what it was like to watch planes slamming into buildings full of people all morning. I haven't forgotten.

We are capturing, killing, and destroying Al Qaeda in Iraq. They are not capturing, killing, or destroying us in New York and DC. This means, contrary to popular belief, that we are winning. That is, unless you define losing as "spending money to save western civilization, rather than on universal health care".

If you think that we can just walk away in Iraq, and that nothing bad will happen as a result, then you are not qualified to lead this country. Yeah, I know, I just eliminated all of the Democrats. Not my fault. All they have to do is tell me how important it is that we win, and what the costs will be if we give up.

You know, like Bush keeps doing. Because he understands the consequences of failure. They must just not be as smart as he is.

Victor Davis Hanson agrees.