Friday, July 13, 2007

Just what, exactly, is a Liberal?

Once upon a time, a Liberal was synonymous with one who truly believed in freedom.

A Liberal would be furious at the suggestion of our government preventing prayer.

A Liberal would be irate at at the idea of our government taking away our guns.

A Liberal would pay any price, and make any sacrifice, to lift up the downtrodden, oppressed citizens of another country being held hostage by brutal dictators.

A Liberal would despise taxes.

A Liberal would ask that the government kindly stay out of the way, and give us the freedom to succeed or fail on our own merits.

A Liberal would reject the idea that the government knows what's best for us.

By these descriptions, I'm a liberal.

And yet, in today's world, I'm a moderate conservative, trying to protect my country from Liberals who would remove our right to say a prayer, take our guns, abandon the Iraqis to certain genocide, and confiscate as much of our income as possible, for the purpose of protecting us from ourselves.

Hey, Liberals! Wake up! You've become everything you warned us about.