Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome to the gang at NewsBusters

NewsBusters commenters - welcome!

It occurred to me that my commenting over at that exceptional site has given people the wrong idea about where I stand on a variety of issues. I agree with so much of the good work done over there that I don't comment unless I have something useful to add. As a result, I tend to only comment when I think someone's overreacting or misinterpreting something that I see as 'not a big deal'. As you can see from this thread, at least one member of the US military got the impression that I am ok with that 'support the troops but not the war' crap. So, just to be abundantly clear...

I support the troops, I support the war, and I try every day to get more people to do the same.

Saddam should have been removed in 1992. He should have been removed by President Clinton, and President Clinton knew it. Making regime change in Iraq US policy happened under Clinton. Clinton just never did it.

Bush did.

Our armed forces have accomplished unprecedented, extraordinary things in Iraq. This war effort has been a success like none other in our history. There have been fewer casualties on our side than ever before in an effort of this magnitude.

There is a belief by a substantial portion of our leadership, and of much of the American public, that the war is not going well, and that we are failing. The truth is that we have never, in our history, made so much progress in so little time rebuilding a country to which the concept of true freedom is so foreign.

With so much success, and with so much at stake, the idea that so many people want to give up now sickens and frightens me.