Friday, July 20, 2007

Congressional Job Approval at 14%

Bad news for Bush... his approval rating is at 34%.

Of course, according to Zogby, that's more than twice the approval rating of Congress.

Congressional job approval is at 14%, which is lower than Nixon's, on the day he left office.

I attribute this to a number of things. First, I think that Senators and Congressmen know a lot of people personally - probably significantly more than the average Joe. This, along with the Senators and Congressmen themselves, their staff, former Senators and Congressmen, and the Nancy Pelosi Fan Club, could account for the 14%. The other 86% is made up of primarily two groups; those who are irate at Congress for giving up in Iraq, and those who are irate at Congress for not giving up in Iraq.

Unemployment is under 5%, the Dow is over 14,000, we haven't been attacked on US soil in over 5 years, and we're absolutely incensed at our government on every level.