Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shock! America Thinks MSM has Liberal Bias

Both Instapundit and NewsBusters are reporting that a new Rasmussen Reports poll indicates that a plurality of those surveyed (39%) believe that the mainstream media has a liberal bias.

As we've seen here, mainstream media figures donate much more to the Democrats than they do the Republicans. And now, this poll seems to indicate that despite their protests, and despite those on the left insisting that the press is a shill for the Bush administration, the bias shines through for 39% of the people.

So, why not just go on record? I have. It's not hard. Read these posts. You'll get a very clear indication of what I believe in (winning wars, crushing despots, low taxes and high growth), and a clear indication of what I think is ridiculous and bad for the country (bad reporting, hanging the Iraqis out to dry, pretending the economy is bad, creating big new government programs, using taxes to reduce productivity).

Fine, so some liberals won't like what I have to say. Welcome to America. Why can't the mainstream press take the same attitude?

Why can't we all admit, once and for all, that there is no straight news, and that all news is opinion journalism?

After all, the public has already figured it out.